Dealing With Menopause

Going through menopause is an uncomfortable reality for all women. Around the age of 51, women have to put up with their bodies changing again. Hot flashes, vaginal dryness, weight gain and fatigue are all some of the frustrating changes that take place during menopause. Many women think that once menopause starts their life of youth and vibrancy is over; this is simply not true. If you treat menopause correctly, you can still go on with the same energy you once had.
Halting Hot Flashes
Experiencing hot flashes during menopause is common for almost all women. During hot flashes, your brain’s heat-regulating sensors are telling your body that it needs to get rid of heat. As a result, you can start sweating for no reason. Perceived stress or certain foods play a big role in triggering hot flashes. Avoid foods and drinks that have sugar, caffeine, alcohol or hot spices. Do your best to plan out ways to minimize your stress.

Vetoing Vaginal Dryness
Vaginal dryness can be one of the most frustrating parts of menopause. The lack of natural moisture down there can lead to painful intercourse — some couples cease intimate activities altogether. This can be very hard on your relationship, but it doesn’t need to be. By taking Omega-7 supplements like Femininity™, you can avoid the emotional and physical pain brought on by menopausal dryness.

Working Through Weight Gain
A combination of depression, fatigue and hormone changes can make women feel as if they are unable to get enough exercise; as a result, weight gain hits hard. The best way to combat this major annoyance is to stick to a strict diet — avoid carbohydrates. Include extra fiber in your diet and eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Exercise the best you can even though fatigue makes it hard.
Faring Fatigue
Although you may not know why, going through menopause can make you feel physically exhausted. This is because your body is working to balance your hormones. The best way to work with this fatigue is to make sure you are getting the nutrients you need and plenty of rest. When fatigue starts setting in, take a few minutes to sit and take meaningful breaths.
Feel Young Again
With a combination of healthy habits, supplements for vaginal dryness and unwavering confidence, you can traverse safely through the uncertainty and discomfort of menopause.


Relief Tips For The Top Five Menopausal Symptoms

How to Treat Hot Flashes Properly

Menopause can often be a double-edged sword. While you will no longer have to worry about pregnancy and the dreaded menstrual cycle, it marks the beginning of vaginal dryness, a decreased-sex drive and the infamous hot flashes. Taking Femininity™ will take care of vaginal dryness and help improve your sex life, however hot flashes are unfortunately something you’ll have to treat using even more natural methods than our Himalayan wonder.

There are a few things you can do to reduce the effects of these symptoms, as well as some characteristics that will help you identify exactly what hot flashes are.


How Femininity Changes Lives

It’s no secret to women that going through menopause can be a painful, unpleasant or otherwise irritating experience. However, because we at Femininity™ know the struggle, we’ve found a way to help alleviate some of the pain. No, we’re not saying we’ve found a cure to menopause — in fact, we encourage women to embrace the changes their bodies are making as they age.

To help women embrace those changes without having to accept some of the painful consequences, Femininity™ is here to help. While hot flashes may be the most common symptom, they’re rarely the most uncomfortable. Vaginal dryness affects roughly one in three women going through menopause, and can be painful and get in the way of an active lifestyle — particularly a sexually active lifestyle.

Femininity™ delivers effective results to combat this uncomfortable symptom and helps change lives of women going through menopause.

What’s Our Secret?

In our best — and most successful, at that — attempt to relieve the discomfort of vaginal dryness, Femininity™ has developed an organic supplement that helps change women’s lives in a number of ways. If you are a woman who has been affected by the most uncomfortable symptom of menopause, and your sex life is accepting the consequences, then Femininity™ is the product for you.

Moisture Managed

Femininity™ uses an Organic Sea Berry Oil supplement that is rich in Omega-7, which is a fatty acid that has huge benefits for epithelial tissue — also known as your skin. By adding the moisture you lost back into your system, you’ll be able to enter the next stage of your life with an oasis in all the right places.

Sexiness Saved

Aside from the daily discomfort of itchiness and burning sensations, there’s a more pressing issue when it comes to vaginal dryness. Femininity™ can restore moisture in such a way that also restores your sex life. No longer will you have to face discomfort caused by dryness or embarrassment at having to explain it to your partner.

Femininity™ gives you the moisture you need to feel young, and the confidence to feel like yourself.

Your Age and Your Vagina

You’ve lived a colorful life, running away from age as if you were in a foot race. As time creeps on ever faster and your body begins to slow, you soon start to notice parts of yourself that show age has caught up to you. This includes anything from the grey in your hair to the wrinkles on your face. But if it’s not related to your looks, do you give much thought to it?

Places like the vagina hide our age below our clothes, but that doesn’t mean you don’t feel it. The first time you notice your age down under is when it comes to uncomfortable intercourse. Though vaginal dryness is unavoidable, that doesn’t mean it’s untreatable. Education is the key.

Stay aware of the changes in your body, and you’ll be able to manage them before they become problems.

Early in Life

When you’re in your twenties and thirties, your body stays relatively the same. Uncomfortable intercourse isn’t something that’s even crossed your mind, because you are at a peak in your life. At this point, your quick rebound rate will take a change in your body and adjust accordingly.

If you use birth control, you may be surprised to soon find yourself living with vaginal dryness. Because the pills block male sex hormones, called androgens, it may mess with your natural lubrication. Thankfully, a small adjustment can be enough to counter this vaginal dryness.

Beyond Your Forties

For many women, this is when life starts getting good. You’re comfortable with yourself, you’ve accomplished a lot and are now waiting for the kids to move out. Unfortunately, your estrogen may soon “leave the building,” causing changes to your pH levels. In addition to that, you may notice changes in elasticity and vaginal moisture.

Instead of fearing the “M” word (menopause), or giving up on sex because you believe it’s going to hurt, this is a time for action. A minor addition of Femininity™ into your daily routine can be enough to counter your vaginal dryness and get you back to your normal self.

Everyone is different, and everyone changes at their own rate. If your changes are bigger than these, it’s always recommended to speak with your doctor.


Why Your Sex Life Shouldn’t Halt Simply Because You Aged

From the time you were young, you probably pushed the idea that “older folks have sex” far from your mind. You didn’t want to consider the fact that your parents may participate in these extracurricular activities — let alone your grandparents or even the neighbor down the street.

But as you now begin to age, it’s hard to imagine that “glow” leaving your relationship. As you get older, your attraction to your partner hasn’t shrunk. Don’t let vaginal dryness overrun your desire for a good sex life. Get past any existing vaginal dryness you’re dealing with minor supplement intervention and you’ll have the richer love making you’ve been looking forward to.

Experience Is a Good Thing

The myth has always been that old people don’t have sex. Society desexualizes folks as soon as they start to grey in saying things like, “Oh, how cute are they.” By no longer associating anything intimate with them, we are creating a stigma around it. This makes seeking help nearly impossible.

In reality, many women don’t find confidence in their sex life until they’re in their 30s. However, this doesn’t mean that beyond your 40s, when you’re dealing with vaginal dryness, that you should live with dry spells. More experience means better sex, regardless of minor vaginal dryness.

The Solution

Sex shouldn’t be a thing of the past — something we look in our old journals and think fondly of. Years ago “The Little Blue Pill” was developed so that men could go on enjoying sex for years to come. This answer solved the unspoken issue for countless couples.

As always, men shouldn’t be the only ones having all the fun. Vaginal dryness doesn’t need to be a life sentence. A “Little Red Pill” is exactly what it will take to get you enjoying the latter half of your life.

Sex doesn’t and shouldn’t only belong to the young. With better health comes better relationship satisfaction. Find the simple solution to your vaginal dryness, and you’ll have years of better sex ahead of you.



The High Number of Women Affected by Dryness

In a world of confidence, lingerie ads, body positivity and sex, you feel like the odd one out. You’ve got a secret, an embarrassing part of your life, and you don’t want to share it with anyone — let alone your partner.

It’s difficult to admit that you’ve got any problems you can’t solve on your own because this is the age of the independent woman, for goodness sake. Fortunately you aren’t alone in dealing with vaginal dryness, meaning you don’t need to carry the burden of seeking out a solution on your own.

The Breakdown

We associate vaginal dryness with women in menopause, ranging from the ages 51 to 60. However, you’d be surprised at the number of women experiencing this malady. A whole 17 percent of women through the ages of 18 to 50 experience female dryness. Of those dealing with menopause, 25 percent experience vaginal dryness.

Regardless of the number of women managing this problem, it still continues to be the silent epidemic. You keep your lips shut tight to avoid embarrassment. No one wants to say anything, because it often makes women feel “less than.”

Only one fourth of females actually seek out treatment for this problem — solidifying the importance of normalizing dryness and expressing that it is a common problem.

Take Charge

“You are not alone.” Those four words can be some of the most comforting to hear. You aren’t part of a minority when dealing with vaginal dryness. By simply being open about your suffering, you can feel confidence in gaining your quality of life again.

You shouldn’t wait for someone to ask to help you with your health. You can take charge of your health and fight for it. Using a simple supplement like Femininity™ can help you find your new normal.

If you decide to go to a doctor about your vaginal dryness, write a list of questions to bring with you. Information is key to determining where to go from here.

The world of pink and love making doesn’t have to belong to everyone else — take it back.


Defeat Menopause Before it Defeats You

Menopause. Every woman hates the sound of that word. Don’t let menopausal symptoms change the way you live your life. Here are some things you can buy to help offset some of the worst symptoms of menopause.
Buy a Supplement

As you age your body loses its natural ability to moisturize itself. This causes you to experience feminine dryness. One of the most uncomfortable of all menopausal symptoms, vaginal dryness can cause you to have painful intercourse. To prevent your love life from diminishing, take supplements to restore your body to its natural state of moisture.

Invest in a Comfy Bra

Your breasts have a tendency to swell and get tender during menopause. It’s the same as when your time of the month comes and your breasts swell a little. Menopause is kind of different because they stay sore longer. That being said, you will feel way better if you invest in a comfy bra. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be sexy. Bralettes are super cute and very comfy.

Buy a Fan

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me? Your body will go from cold to hot by the snap of a finger. It is completely uncontrollable. Because your body is going through many hormonal changes, your body tends to change temperature at random times. Having a fan by your side at any given moment would be a huge asset during your hot flashes.

Get New Pillows

Hormonal changes tend to take away from your quality sleep also. You may become restless and toss and turn constantly. There are supplements you can take that will put you to sleep quicker but, try to go to sleep naturally first. Buy new pillows and blankets to make your bed the most comfortable thing you have ever slept on in your life. Sleeping comfortably will offset the restlessness.
Be stronger than menopausal symptoms.

Things No One Tells You About Menopause

Menopause is a challenging part of any woman’s life. This is a time of great physical and emotional roller coaster rides. While not everyone is thrilled about experiencing menopause, knowing what to expect can prepare you for the effects your friend is always warning you about — such as hot flashes, vaginal dryness and mood swings.

Preparing for what is to come can help give you a positive outlook on menopause, but what about those effects no one tells you about? It is true that there are various effects that are forgotten about or not even acknowledged when it comes to menopause. From increased health risks to emotional secrets, here are some menopause symptoms that are often left in the dark.

Your Sex Drive May Increase

Hormone levels will be one of the wildest roller coaster rides you’ll face during menopause. Fluctuating levels can leave you feeling like you never want to be touched again. But they can also reach an all-time high where you’ll feel yourself become more frisky than usual.

Many believe that sexual desire takes a plummet due to vaginal dryness, however taking supplements such as Femininity™ will help you maintain a healthy sex life.

Type 2 Diabetes Becomes a Risk

Unfortunately, Type 2 diabetes is the number four killer when it comes to women who are between the ages of 55 and 64. This is due to a combination of hormonal changes, a lack of exercise and not developing a well-maintained diet. The best way to decrease the risk is through exercise and healthy eating habits.

Bad Hair Days Become Regular 

This is possibly one of the worst symptoms of menopause. With hormonal imbalances comes the thinning of your hair. The reason for this is estrogen levels begin to decline, while testosterone is being more easily converted to dihydrotestosterone.

This process leads to reduced blood flow to one’s hair follicles, inevitably making your hair thinner day by day. Vaginal dryness may be intimidating, but nothing scares people today like hair loss.

Hot Flashes Lead to Increased Anxiety 

Almost everyone has heard of hot flashes during menopause. However many don’t know that this can increase anxiety levels as well. The body releases adrenaline during a flash, leading to contraction of the arteries. In turn, this causes an unnerving feeling and increases your heart rate by eight to 16 beats.

It’s good to know about more than just vaginal dryness and mood swings during menopause. The more you know, the better you can prepare for any symptom you might face.