99 Problems but an Itch Ain’t One

Sure, it’s not exactly what Jay-Z said in his hit song, but thanks to a number of nutritional supplements, menopausal women who are having girl problems can now truly say that they have 99 problems but an itch ain’t one. As women enter menopause, they start to encounter so many problems — hot flashes, weight gain and vaginal dryness, just to name a few.

Dryness that affects menopausal women can be infuriating. Between unbearable sensations of burning and annoyances of itching, many women will look all over to find the best cure. Most of the other symptoms of menopause are much more manageable. Fortunately, products like Femininity™ and others exist to make it so that women can proudly say that while they may have 99 problems, an itch definitely ain’t one.

How Does the Product Work?

Supplements like this one, which many women describe as the best lubricant for menopause dryness, have an incredible natural formula that helps to eradicate the most unpleasant symptom of menopause. Omega-7 is an essential fatty acid that restores hair, skin and nails — but also provides moisture to epithelial tissue (which is on both the inside of your mouth and the inside of a woman’s vagina).

By providing moisture from the inside out, these supplements really do ensure that, while women may have 99 problems as they struggle through menopause, an itch is not one of them.

The Benefit of Moisture

The benefits of a vaginal moisturizer extend far beyond the relief of in itchy, dry vagina. The moisturizers also work to add strength to your hair and nails, and help your skin stay young looking. Supplements can help women if they are experiencing painful intercourse, or if their itchy irritations are getting in the way of daily life.

If you’re having menopause problems, she’ll feel bad for you, Hun, she’s got 99 problems but an itch ain’t one.

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