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Omega-7 Is A Rescue From Vaginal Dryness


Did You Know? 

  • Vaginal atrophy affects roughly 43% of women during menopause
  • Roughly 18% of all women suffer from vaginal dryness

Results from the study:

  • 116 women were asked to take sea buckthorn oil (3 capsules, or 3 gm daily) or placebo for three months
  • Vaginal mucous membranes were examined both at the beginning of the trial and at the end and were analyzed for elasticity, integrity, moisture and fluid.
  • The women were asked to score the severity of their symptoms — vaginal dryness, burning and itching — at the beginning, middle and end of the trial and also and also kept diaries on other menopausal symptoms.
  • Sea buckthorn oil was shown to significantly improve the integrity of the vaginal lining by about 50% compared to placebo
  • Women taking the oil trended toward increases in their vaginal health index, which was a composite of all vaginal atrophy symptom scores (i.e. elasticity, integrity, moisture, fluid and pH).
  • Another important finding was the lack of effect on cell types, which indicates that sea buckthorn oil does not have an estrogen effect.
  • The authors attributed the improvement of epithelial integrity of vaginal mucosa to essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and carotenoids in sea buckthorn oil

More Information:

In another study looking specifically at post-menopausal vaginal inflammation and dryness, ingestion of sea buckthorn oil resulted in almost double the amount of improvement in vaginal mucous membranes versus placebo.

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