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Developing cancer is heartbreaking and traumatic. There are the few who don’t have to go through the acceptance process, but not everyone is like that. Most people have to come to terms with the news. There are adjustments to be made around their entire life. Things like intimacy will be permanently changed and you will […]

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Though your lifestyle generally changes before, during and after menopause, many women love the change inside of them after this phase of life. Even though menopause is coupled with vaginal dryness, insomnia and painful intercourse, it also brings a lot of positive, hassle free things along with it, too. If you go through menopause with […]

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“Menopause” is a word that is surrounded by a commotion of notions regarding a negative life change. Many articles warn readers that women going through menopause are miserable, disorderly and that their life has changed dramatically. While those qualities might be true some of the time, the life a menopausal woman is pretty similar to […]

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Sure, it’s not exactly what Jay-Z said in his hit song, but thanks to a number of nutritional supplements, menopausal women who are having girl problems can now truly say that they have 99 problems but an itch ain’t one. As women enter menopause, they start to encounter so many problems — hot flashes, weight […]

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