What to do When Your Best Friend is Going Through Menopause

Menopause can be a hard time physically, emotionally and mentally for not only those going through menopause, but also their loved ones. With symptoms such as moodiness, heat waves and vaginal dryness, it can be hard to be a support to those going through this hard time.

Here at Femininity, we understand the struggle of menopause and we’re here to help. We want you to be able to sympathize and help your loved ones the best way possible to make their life, and your own, a little bit better. We made a list of things to do when your best friend is going through menopause so you can be the best friend that you can be.

Listen, Listen, Listen

Menopause can be a rough experience for many women. Through this difficult time your friend might just want to talk through her experiences. You can do your friend a lot of good by simply sitting down and listening to her concerns and fear about menopause. Menopause can be packed with physical and emotional changes, and your calm presence can comfort her to handle the stresses and fears that she’s been experiencing.

Get Informed

Menopause happens to every woman. To be a better support, and to have an easier time to sympathize, get informed with what happens during menopause. With symptoms such as hair loss, painful intercourse from vaginal dryness and moodiness your friend will probably feel overwhelmed. Instead of being surprised by her coming to you with these symptoms, be informed so that you can offer her support and suggestions.

Get Her Mind Off of It

Go out for dinner, get your nails done or binge watch your favorite television show. Don’t stop living your lives because of menopause. Continue to plan girl nights and hang out with your friends like you always have. This will show her that life will go on, and that things aren’t going to dramatically change just because she’s going through menopause.

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