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Restore Your Body's Moisture

Lubricate From the Inside Out

The best lubricant for menopause dryness isn't actually a lubricant at all, but an Omega-7 supplement that moistens the body from the inside out–and it's 100% natural too boot. Femininity™ is made from the rare Himalayan Sea Berries which have extremely high levels of Omega-7. What we've found is this supplement causes the epithelial tissue to naturally moisten without changing the levels of estrogen in the body. Not only does this improve intimacy, but it also keeps your hair and nails healthy.
This is the only product being sold that supports vaginal tissue from the inside-out.

one-month supply

Femininty Benefits Include...
  • Vaginal Moisturizer
  • More Pleasurable Sex
  • Feel Sexy
  • Always Ready

The Quality

Femininity™ Sea Berries are 100% proprietary and because Femininity™ oversees the entire process from hand-harvesting to the final bottling and labeling of the product, users are guaranteed the freshest, most potent, eco-friendly, ethically-produced product available.

$39.95 one month supply

Menopause Dryness Lubrication

Most women know that a painful symptom of menopause is dryness "down there." What most women don't know is there are safe ways to treat menopause dryness. Right now there are lubricants on the market designed to treat this dryness. However, most of these lubricants aren't that effective because they only lubricate the outside. Eventually, the lubricant wears off and like the never-ending cycle, you need to apply more.

Understand the Problem

There are a lot of reasons why women experience vaginal dryness. Finding the source of the dryness is crucial for coming up with a positive solution for dryness. For women experiencing menopause dryness, estrogen levels within the body decrease and, in turn, the vaginal tissue produces less natural lubricant. Consequently, the elasticity and strength of the vaginal tissue deteriorates. Adding lubricant is never going to jump-start the body into producing lubricants again, and intense estrogen treatments have proven dangerous down the road. At this point, many women give up because of how bleak the options look. However, there is one tried and true answer that can make an enormous difference.

Femininity™: The Real Solution

Femininity™ is a totally safe supplement that every woman going through menopause should try out. Even though only around 18% of women suffer from menopause dryness, Omega-7 can be beneficial for all women going through menopause.

Resurrect Your Life of Intimacy

Many women who experience menopausal dryness also continue to experience postmenopausal dryness after they've reached this milestone. This is why menopause can feel like a sexual death sentence for many women. Believe it or not, Femininity™ can revive your sex life and take the pain from intercourse caused by dryness.

This is the only product being sold that supports vaginal tissue from the inside-out. Ashley Koff Approved!

Don't take our word for it. Women around the world are already enjoying the benefits of Femininity™.
"I originally saw this product on Dr. Ozz. It wasn't until later I read up about the other benefits. My husband and I are very pleased with the results and the fact that it is all natural and not harmful to my body."
– Lizzy

"This product has been absolutely amazing. After about two months of taking this, I really started to see the results. My recommendation for anyone who is interested in this is to take it regularly. I hope you see results like I saw. It kind of changed my life!"
– Amanda B.

- Brena

- Mindy

- Nikki

- Diannat
Sea Berry Comparisons

Femininity Directions

Take 2 By Mouth,DAILY.

Swallow two softgels orally daily, with water, to restore your body's moisture from the inside out.

30 day guarantee
30 Day Money Back Guarantee We stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our products and are proud to offer a "No Questions Asked" 30 day full refund policy. We just ask that you return the unused portion for a full refund.
Femininity Vaginal Moisture Supplement
1-Month Supply (2) Vegan Softgels Daily

one-month supply

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