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How Does Femininity Work & What are the Benefits?

Top Femininity Benefits

  • Works with Your Body to Naturally Increase Feminine Moisture from the Inside-Out
  • Helps Vaginal Mucous Membrane Function Increasing Moisture Production
  • Healthier Vaginal Epithelium (vaginal linings)
  • Eliminates Constant Burning, Itching, & Discomfort
Here at Femininity™, our lab technicians continue their research daily, looking for possible improvement and advancement, and for good reason. Our research shows roughly 43% of women during menopause and 18% of all women suffer from vaginal dryness. Femininity™ has shown to significantly improve women’s sex life and overall health.

Benefits of Femininity & How it Works

With age, epithelial tissue slowly starts to produce less and less mucous. This mucous contributes to the overall hydration and moisture of vaginal tissues and many other organs from skin to hair. Femininity’s proprietary formulation of Omega 7 fatty acids contribute greatly to the moisture levels in our mucous membranes and consequently to overall human health. Not only does this lead to improvements in quality of life, it will also lend itself to more comfortable, enjoyable intimacy.


With the extensive list of benefits Femininity provides, demand for our product has exploded, and for good reason.

How Effective is Femininity?

To date, dozens of scientific papers report that the intake of the ingredients found in Femininity™ improves integrity and function of the vaginal epithelium among women. Clinical study data obtained in 2014 indicated that a vast majority of the women who participated in that study received exceptional benefits from taking the product.

That study included:

  • Vaginal Health Factors that were scored by a female gynecologist
  • Vaginal moisture was measured
  • A vaginal health index was calculated
  • Symptoms of atrophy and menopause were evaluated and logged
  • Serum samples were collected for the analysis of circulating lipids, liver enzymes and C-reactive protein

Another important finding was the lack of hormonal-type effects on cells, which indicates that Femininity does not alter estrogen levels in any way.

The authors attributed the improvement of epithelial integrity of vaginal mucous to vitamin E, carotenoids, but most significantly, the high levels of Omega 7 in Femininity.

How Long Does it Usually Take to See the Benefits of Femininity?

When first taking Femininity™, you may not immediately notice results. But that’s normal, don’t stress! Due to its pure, natural composition, the Omega 7 fatty acids inside may need time to “build up” inside the cells of mucosal tissue before reaching their peak effectiveness.

Some users see results in 1-2 weeks, while some need 4-8 weeks to realize full results. As a convenient added bonus, you’ll likely see an improvement in the gloss, shine, and strength of your hair and nails too! We have received many testimonials from happy customers who saw results after regularly taking Femininity.

What is the Right Dose?

We recommend that users take 2 soft gels daily to see the full effects of Femininity. For faster results, take 4 soft gels daily for two weeks, then resume back down to 2 soft gels per day.

How is Vaginal Dryness Usually Treated?

Vaginal Dryness is typically treated with hormone replacement– either topical or oral estrogen therapy. Estrogen therapy has several substantial risks including increasing your chance of cancer of the uterus (womb), strokes, blood clots, heart attacks, and breast cancer.

In contrast, Femininity™ is an all natural product with no known side effects.

Is Femininity Safe?

Yes. The product is 100% completely natural and only contains organic oils from the sea buckthorn berry and is 100% estrogen free & hormone free.