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Sea Buckthorn Berry

Sea Buckthorn:  The Superfood You Haven’t Heard of and Need to Know

As health care costs skyrocket and prescription medicines go on and off the market quickly because of unwanted side effects, consumers are turning to homeopathic practices and natural remedies. An emerging giant in this search is the sea buckthorn because of its extensive scope of use and health benefits.

What is Sea Buckthorn?

Native to the northwest regions of Mongolia and China, and the Atlantic coasts of Europe including Russia, this mighty plant has been around and used for centuries. It is also known as the “seaberry” and “sandthorn” because it often grows near the sea where the salt winds keep other plants from flourishing and allows the sea buckthorn to dominate. It is called the “sallowthorn,” because the berries will turn your fingers yellow.

In addition to growing near the coast, the sea buckthorn also grows in the Himalayan mountain regions, thus why it is sometimes called the “Himalayan Superfruit.” The tomes of the Tibetan monks are filled with mentions of this “miracle berry,” with writings of its medicinal properties dating back 13 centuries.

This plant is quite easy to identify by its bright orange berries and greyish-silver elongated oval leaves. It can grow quite large, looking more like a tree than a bush, and the branches can be quite thorny. The berries grow in clusters that resemble coffee berries.

From Ancient Greeks to Genghis Khan

The scientific name of sea buckthorn is Hippophae rhamnoides, with the first word translating into horse (hippo) shining (phae).  There are a couple of legends from which this name may have come.  Ancient Greeks believed that sea buckthorn was the main food source of Pegasus, thus giving him the power to fly and the reason water spouted each time his hooves hit the earth. There is also the belief that ancient Greeks had once released old ailing horses into the mountains to live, what they believed, would be their last days. These horses returned to them, healthy, vital, and with shiny full coats. Both stories may be myths, but it is true that soldiers fed sea buckthorn to their horses to help them gain or maintain weight, recover from harsh maneuvers and battles, and keep their coats beautiful.

Following these same principles, it is said that Genghis Khan and his soldiers ate these berries and used the leaves to help revive their strength and recover after fighting.

The Incredible Uses of Sea Buckthorn

Environmentally the sea buckthorn is used in landscaping to mitigate soil erosion and maintain moisture levels, but its real power is in its health benefits. Studies have shown that there are over 190 bioactive compounds in the berry that can help alleviate and treat:

The main bioelements that create these results are Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-7, Omega-9, Vitamin A, several Vitamin B, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Seven out of eight of these you can find in food sources like fish and nuts and citrus, but the one that is difficult to get into your diet is Omega-7. It can be found in olives and macadamia nuts in small amounts, and it controls blood sugar, lowers lipid levels, eases inflammation, and enhances insulin sensitivity, all of which can lead to more serious health conditions like heart and liver disease if not regulated.

Special attention is now being paid to the mucous-generating properties of the berry. It is believed to slow down the aging process, and this is from its ability to keep crucial oils and moisture in the skin while helping mucous membranes stay lubricated. This is the component that helps with dry eyes and skin and with coughs and colds.

This beneficial property of the berry also helps in the rarely-talked-about but ever-present problem of vaginal dryness. As estrogen levels fall, for a variety of reasons, the vagina can atrophy and the membranes can have difficulty producing the mucous necessary to have pleasurable sexual experiences. This can also lead to daily discomfort in some instances. Lubricants can be used, but are messy and sometimes inconvenient and embarrassing.  Estrogen therapy can be prescribed, but there are many very detrimental health effects that make this an undesirable choice. A daily dose of sea buckthorn berry can regulate the moisture in a woman’s body and eliminate vaginal dryness, thereby ensuring that the partners no longer have to worry about dry sex or painful irritation for their partner.

How To Get Your Daily Dose

The berries can be eaten raw, but many find them too sour and acidic. They are often combined with sweet fruit juices or made into tea, wine, or liquor for liquid consumption.  In its native areas, they are made into jams, sauces, and pies.

A very easy way to get the daily dose of sea buckthorn that you need is by simply taking a supplement, such as Femininity Pills. You can order them online and get all the benefits of sea buckthorn berries shipped right to your door.