This product has helped immensely for menopausal issues of dryness… Diet, exercise & Femininity…I think I will survive! Thank you!

— bright1

Incredible product – results in only a few days!!

— Lynda A. Miller

All I can say is this product really works

— Linda Hooker

started to see results from this product about a month after I started taking it. Weirdly. I did see differences in my skin and hair before then.

— Ashley Farnsworth

I originally saw this product on Dr. Ozz. It wasn’t until later I read up about the other benefits. My husband and I are very pleased with the results and the fact that it is all natural and not harmful to my body.

— Lizzy

This product has been absolutely amazing. After about 2 months of taking this I really started to see the results. My recommendation for anyone who is interested in this is to take it regularly. I hope you see results like I saw. It kind of changed my life!

— Amanda B

I am not able to take hormones therefore I have real bad dryness issues. I stay with utis due to the dryness. I’ve been taking this product for over a year and will never be without it. No more vaginal dryness. No more utis and I never had fingernails before. Now I’m constantly filing them down. I felt results from this product 2 weeks after I started. It’s wonderful.

— Elain Chesnut

I have sensitive skin and fine hair. When menopause hit I couldn’t lotion enough. My skin felt sooooo dry. That’s why I initially tried it. After I was on a month my skin felt as moist as it was pre menopause. My hair per my stylist said it was thicker and I was asked what I did. My vaginal dryness improved but didn’t go back to premenopausal. But I love your product. As a nurse I also love that it is heart protective. Love your product

— Paula Gilson

As I turned into my early 50’s, I noticed a constant itching. I went through numerous rounds of yeast infection ointments but it did not help. My Gynecologist suggested hormone treatment and gave me a prescription. The Pharmacist informed me that my insurance did not cover it and my cost was $240 per month. I could not afford that so I went on line and found the Sibu website, ordered Feminity and have never looked back!!! That was over 3 years ago! Feminity is a natural miracle for me!

Koleen Quattlebaum

I suffered with vaginal dryness and intercourse was very painful. Since I have been using Femininity, I no longer have dryness and Intercourse is amazing!

Julie Jones

I appreciate this product very much. I didn’t know what to anticipate with menopause and Restore Femininity has made this chapter of life more comfortable. Thank you.

— Sheryl Strum

I try a lot of supplements in an attempt to stay healthy and youthful. After a few months, I stop taking most of them. But not this product. I have been using Femininity for several years now. I keep taking it because it works. I love this product. I don't want to be without it!

— Lisa Marie Ray

a. I have been taking Femininity for over 3 years now and I’m quite pleased with the results. It has restored my confidence in having the right amount of moisture at the right time. The other benefits have been hair and nail growth as well. When my girlfriends asked how I deal with the unpleasant side effects of menopause I have recommended this product.

— Simone N. (Natalie Johnson – asked to use Simone)

a. "This a fantastic product! I suffered for so many years with vaginal dryness after having a full hysterectomy due to endometriosis. The dryness was unbearable but after taking this product the very first time I could feel such a difference! Thank you so very much!" b. “I certainly would not want any other woman to have to go through the pain and irritation I did, so many times I was treated for a bladder infection when it was vaginal dryness and irritation of the vaginal lining.”

— Sherri Silva

I've been using Femininity for close to 2 years now. I went to 7 different gynecologists in 4 years trying to find someone to help me with the vaginal dryness, and really, externally as well. I discovered this product on my own and tried it at age 63. I could tell within about 4 weeks that something great was happening 'down there' and have never stopped using it - and NEVER will! I've gotten all my girlfriends over 50 to start taking it, especially those that don't want to take hormones. Also, if I go about 2 days in a row (for whatever reason) without taking it, I can actually start to feel drier. It's just made such a difference in my life, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. My vagina thanks me for it every day!

— Dana Powers

For the past year I’ve been taking low dose of accutane. By taking accutane it dries out my body. So I began taking femininity to Moisten body during intercourse. Sometimes I’m not in playful mood however my body is always moist. My husband can’t tell. He thinks he has that Magic touch. If he only knew. This product is definitely the best. As my body Matures I will never stop taking Femininity... & I’ll be 40 this year. Excellent product!!!!!

— Tracy Allen

A few years ago I starting taking the depo shot for birth control, the shot basically destroyed my estrogen lining so I was very dry in my feminine areas I did tons of research and I stumbled across restore femininity I was very reluctant because almost every OBGYN I spoke with said to just stop taking the shot and your estrogen lining would eventually come back to normal. But who wants a dry vagina right? Nobody so I purchased the pills and about midway through the 1st bottle I felt like a woman again. That’s feeling that we often take for granted because when it’s gone you don’t feel like one. I will forever be a faithful customer because these supplement vitamins completed me again.

— MaTia Sims

Hi my name is Lucille, and I was so very missable for a long time, I was going in from one docter to another , seem like every month . I though there just has to be an easier way for Female dryness, it’s the most uncomfortable feeling ever, I tried just about everything I was told by different doctors but some were to uncomfortable,, messy n just not working , so I hear n saw this on female dryness n all natural , I though well it won’t hurt to try this : So on October of 2018 I ordered this new capsules named Femininity and thought why not try this nothing else seems to work it can’t hurt to try, besides it’s all natural and even Gluten free , so I order myself some for 2 months n Oh my God within 3 day’s I notice a big difference n I am so much more comfortable , I am so happy that I order even before i start my 3 rd bottle I get on the phone and call to order another 3 months supply. You will love the way this capsules help you n feel so Comfortable that you will not want to stop. And go back to that awful feeling. You got to try them to believe you are back to a great normal life again. Thank you FEMININITY for coming into my life.

— Lucille Martinez